Posh towing of the highest order

  • Date:2018-11-10
  • Business » Westfalia TowbarsWestfalia Towbars  make moneyView PDF | Print Viewby: Gareth HoyleTotal views: 43 Word Count: 376 Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 Time: 4:46 AMWhich towbar is best?You need a towbar fitting to your car but haven’t got a clue about towbar technology. What options are available? Are some brand names better than others?Where can you find information about this subject and where’s best to begin the search?

    Look online and begin your search with Westfalia Towbars. This leading towbar manufacturer has been developing their range of Westfalia Towbars and the current collection caters perfectly for all towing requirements. Amongst the current crop of Westfalia Towbars are standard types of flange towbars that are permanently displayed on a vehicle. Also within the collection of Westfalia Towbars are products that can be removed from a vehicle when they aren’t in use, plus electric versions that swivel into position when they are needed.

    Good lookingWorried about ruining you car’s looks once Westfalia Towbars are fitted? The simple solution is to have detachable Westfalia Towbars fitted or select one of the leading electric swivel options. Detachable Westfalia Towbars are a great idea if you want to tow occasionally but don’t want a towball upsetting the rear aesthetics of your car. Any number of versions can be fitted and some of the Westfalia Towbars are completely invisible once the towball section has been removed. Today you can have the best of both worlds with detachable Westfalia Towbars providing solid towing facilities.

    Tow as and when you like with a detachable towing bar from the Westfalia collection.Lead the wayTowbar technology has become totally advanced with new industry leading electric swivel Westfalia Towbars. Think of the electric swivel Westfalia Towbars as the Rolls Royce of towing accessories. Look at the back of you car, you can’t see anything, but at the press of a button Westfalia Towbars whir into place. This is posh towing of the highest order. Make life easy for yourself and insist on electric swivel Westfalia Towbars. They are another great product from the Westfalia collection which just seems to keep on getting better. Be the envy of your local caravanning club with Westfalia Towbars and give you car enhanced towing capabilities at the same time.

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