About DC motor

  • Date:2019-03-09
  • ZYZJ series DC motor is a special series of products developed by our factory on the basis of Z4 series DC motor, which is designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the driving conditions of the sugar press。This series of motors adopts a polygonal structure, high space utilization of the stator, compact internal structure, and computer-aided design, so that the electrical parameters are properly controlled, so the motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight and small moment of inertia.

    The magnetic circuit adopts the lamination lacquer structure and its effective measures, so that the motor can withstand the violent changes of the pulsating current and current, and improve the dynamic commutation performance of the motor. The motor can work for a long time with three-phase bridge rectifier current and no external smoothing reactor.The novel F-class insulation structure ensures stable insulation performance and good heat dissipation.

    The special treatment of insulation makes the motor have strong moisture resistance and mechanical strength, which can be used in wet tropical regions.This series of motor stators are all added with compensation winding, strong overload capacity, base speed overload capacity is 2.5 times rated torque, high-speed overload capacity is 1.8 times rated current, lasting 1min.The outline mounting dimensions of this series of motors comply with the IEC-72 international standard except for the axial dimension 'B' between the two footings.

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