Good reaction time for all partial failures ever suppose

  • Date:2018-08-23
  •  AC system ‘take back’ energy as it ‘gives out’ under acceleration. This way one can recover a lot of battery power during normal driving process. Whereas DC system is able to do this to only some extent but it is more expensive and complex. system is more compatible to gas torque curves in car so one does not need to murder transmission with normal driving habits.

    This gas guzzler is surely different from PMDC geared motor as it is not designed to withstand low end workout series. AC’s diplomacy lets the transmission last longer. PMDC geared motor give surprises with broken gear teeth, twisted shafts or even damaged CV joints.Many believe brushes last longer with lesser problems but what many do not know is that it is not so good in regenerative braking environment and the same is the case with electric reverse.

    While AC electric car motors do not have brushes.PMDC geared motor seem to be programmable but actually its not. In AC motors one can easily set all the software parameters to fit in your driving style and batteries. And the complexities are never ending in the geared motor case. In any case if the PMDC geared motor fails the entire pack of 120 or 140 volt is applied to the motor.

    So many recommendations are still applicable that one should have good circuit breakers, kill switches; fuses and good reaction time for all partial failures ever suppose to happen. Whereas the worst thing that could happen to AC is that you will have to roll to a boring stop and take a walk.AC systems are easy to install if compared to DC systems. Though AC is itself quite complicated but both of these use computers. But a noticeable fact is that all wiring harness is pre fabricated in AC systems while in PMDC geared motor nothing exists.AC system ‘take back’ energy as it ‘gives out’ under acceleration. 


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