How to choose DC motor

  • Date:2019-03-18
  • In our production and life, we often use the motor, so how to choose the motor? This should take into account many factors, such as motor installation, motor power. What else do you want is a servo motor, a variable frequency motor, an asynchronous motor or a motor with other functions. Then, mainly how to determine the motor power, that is, the output torque T and the output speed of the motor take into account the mechanical transmission rate η, and you divide it to provide the kind of power supply for the motor, such as single-phase, three-phase, direct current, etc.

    The working environment of the motor, whether there is speciality in the working place of the motor, such as humidity, high temperature, chemical corrosion, dust, etc. The working mode of the motor is continuous work or short-time work or other working modes. The installation method of the motor, such as Vertical installation, horizontal installation, etc.

    The power and speed of the motor, power and speed should meet the requirements of the load. Other factors, such as whether the need for shifting, whether there are special control requirements, the type of load, etc. Mechanical requirements for electric drive, such as the frequency of starting and braking, the need for speed control, etc. to select the current type of the motor, that is, the choice of AC motor or DC motor; secondly, the rated voltage of the motor should be selected in conjunction with the power supply.

    Size; then the speed required by the production machinery and the requirements of the transmission equipment to select its rated speed; then root Position of the motor and installation of the production machinery and the surrounding environmental conditions and to determine the type of protective structure type motor; * determined by the power rating of the motor power level required for production machinery. In view of the above considerations, * select the motor that meets the requirements in the motor catalogue. If the motor listed in the catalogue does not meet certain special requirements of the production machinery, it can be customized to the motor manufacturer.

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