How to clean the motor

  • Date:2019-04-02
  • The electric motor is a kind of electrical equipment which is widely used and widely used, and is divided into: a generator and an electric motor according to the use; the electric motor is further divided into a synchronous motor and an asynchronous motor. The cleaning of the motor is mainly to clean the stator and rotor of the motor. Because the motor is used in a wide range, the number is large, and the frequency of use is high. If the motor is not cleaned regularly, there is a risk of fire. The main reason is as follows: the coil is stained with grease and the like.

    Erosion, covering, causing coil aging and overheating. The air-cooled motor ventilation part is blocked by dirt. The motor coil is overheated due to overheating installation and poor lubrication, so that the bearing is overheated and the brush is ignited to ignite the dirt on the motor. The contact is loose. The fire ignites the dirt on the motor; therefore, the motor must be effectively cleaned. At present, the cleaning method adopted by most enterprises is still the original method of scrubbing with gasoline, kerosene or diesel, using alkaline water-based cleaning agent. Cleaning the motor These methods have the following problems: The cleaning process is unsafe.

    Since gasoline and kerosene are all flammable and explosive materials, there are safety hazards when using the above cleaning. Alkaline water-based cleaning agent has corrosive effect on the insulating paint of the stator coil. The above two methods will reduce the insulation value of the motor after cleaning. After cleaning, it should be baked or irradiated with a high-powered electric lamp to improve insulation. The cleaning time is long, the cleaning effect is poor, and the difficulty in disassembling the rotor of the motor is also large.

    If you use Essen Electric and mechanical equipment cleaning agent to clean the motor, the situation is very different. The advantages are particularly obvious and the cleaning effect is good. The spray gun is used to spray ES-311 on the oily place. The effect is very thorough. Use less than a quarter of gasoline and kerosene. There is no danger of flammable or explosive. After cleaning, the insulation value of the motor does not decrease, and sometimes the insulation value can be increased. After cleaning, there is no need to bake, and it can be put into use immediately after cleaning. If it is not necessary to disassemble the rotor, the coil of the motor stator can be effectively cleaned, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, the cleaning time is short, and the cost is also reduced.

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