Air conditioning electrical structure

  • Date:2019-05-07
  • With the widespread use and popularity of air conditioners and other refrigeration equipment, the power consumption in this area is also increasing year by year. How can the power consumption be scientifically and reasonably reduced, that is, to ensure a comfortable temperature or set cooling of the space environment? Temperature, while maximizing energy savings and reducing electricity bills, is the main purpose of the device. According to the experiments and tests of refrigeration professionals, air-conditioning compressors operate at 70% to 75% load, with the best cooling performance and the highest cooling efficiency.

    During the working process of the air conditioner, when the indoor temperature has not reached the set temperature control point, the compressor will work for a long time. When the temperature control point is reached, the compressor will be frequently opened and stopped. Therefore, the air conditioner compressor works for a long time. And frequent starts can result in reduced cooling efficiency and excess power loss. The device is a power saving controller capable of overcoming the low cooling efficiency and waste of excess electric energy caused by long-time operation and frequent starting of the air-conditioning compressor. When the indoor temperature reaches the comfortable temperature, the time control signal automatically enters the power-saving operation state, on the one hand, the residual cooling of the compressor is fully utilized, and the entire system can be sufficiently cooled to improve the cooling effect, and on the other hand, the compressor is frequently started.

    The number of times allows the compressor to fully rest, prolong the service life of the compressor, and at the same time effectively reduce the excess power loss caused by the inrush current, thereby achieving the purpose of saving power and extending the service life of the air conditioner. Through the on-site test, the power saving rate can reach 15% to 30%, and the service life of the compressor can be increased by more than 1.5 times. In the case of a fluorescent tube, only a sufficient voltage rating is required at the start-up to excite the fluorescent substance to cause the tube to emit light. During the preset time, after the intelligent system senses that the power of the lamp has been completely released, the load voltage is automatically adjusted, and the lamp can be turned into the power-saving mode, and the power saver enters the automatic online detection state at the same time.

    According to a large number of experimental statistics, when the power supply voltage is reduced by 10%, the commonly used electric light source, such as fluorescent light illumination, is only reduced by about 7%, while the human eye's perception of light is logarithmic: that is, when the light illumination is reduced by 10% At the time, the human visual perception brightness is only reduced by 1%, so the slight change in illumination caused by the slight reduction of the light input power is almost invisible to the human eye, but it has a positive significance in extending the life of the lamp and reducing the maintenance cost.

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