Basic structure of vacuum cleaner motor

  • Date:2019-06-28
  • The series-excited motor is mainly composed of a stator, a rotor, a front and a rear cover (cover) and a heat-dissipating fan blade. The stator is composed of a stator core and a winding sleeved on the pole piece, and the function is to generate a field magnetic flux, a magnetic flux and Supporting the front and rear covers; the rotor is composed of a rotor core, a shaft, an armature winding and a commutator, and its function is to ensure and generate a continuous electromagnetic moment, and the work is carried out by the rotating shaft to convert the electric energy into mechanical energy.

    The front and rear covers support the armature The fixed shaft and the rotor are fixed and integrated into one body. The rotating shaft, the front and rear covers must have sufficient strength to prevent the armature from resonating with the cover, causing vibration and danger. Generally, there are rolling or sliding in the front and rear covers. Bearing. After understanding the basic structure of the series motor, return to the fan part of the vacuum cleaner motor. The fan part mainly has two main components: the moving impeller and the fixed impeller.

    The moving impeller mainly generates wind, and the impeller is 20000-30000. When rotating at a high speed per minute, a negative pressure is generated at the air inlet to form a vacuum, which forms a suction force. The fixed impeller, also known as a wind deflector, is mainly used to make the air volume generated by the impeller smoother. The quality of the impeller air duct directly affects the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner motor.

    Vacuum cleaner motor applications: various household industrial dry vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, central vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and various types of sweepers. In fact, the vacuum cleaner motor is not limited to applications on vacuum cleaners, such as bubble baths, spray paints, stage artificial snowflakes, agricultural machinery, and the like that require suction.

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