The best robot vacuum cleaner sales and deals in July 2019

  • Date:2019-07-19
  • This time of year is excellent for watching robot vacuum cleaner prices drop to their lowest points and we're here with our own hot offer hoover to find the finest deals for you.Robot vacuums are brilliant things, most of the time. They take one of our most hated chores and handle it for us, and provided you don’t let them glide over dog poo they’re generally a joy to have.

    However, some robots are smarter than others our cheap Vileda spends most of its time underneath the sofa, stuck and feeling sorry for itself. You should encounter no such issues with these five robot vacuum cleaners, all of which deliver decent performance for their price.If you’re wondering why we haven’t included the Dyson 360 Eye, it’s because in the US Amazon currently lists it at.

    Plus shipping. Now that sucks. The robot vacuum cleaner prices are much nicer though. Stock varies greatly across various countries, we've listed a selection of robot vacuum cleaner retailers at the end so you can browse even more models if nothing below takes your fancy.Prices have dropped nicely on the Shark ION from its original $379 RRP to much more wallet-friendly prices.

    Unlike the pricier robot vacuum cleaners, the Shark navigates randomly, but its low profile means it can get under furniture that frustrates some bulkier rivals. If you wish you can use the supplied magnetic boundary tape to make no-go areas. It’s very simple and the app is nice, but the original RRP was hopelessly optimistic. But you can get much better deals nowadays.

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