Automotive Brushless DC Motor Market Industry Analysis

  • Date:2019-10-18
  • Brushless DC motors are increasingly replacing induction motor and brushed DC motors due to their larger efficiency, long life, smooth torque delivery, and high-speed operation. However, in the past, their application has been limited due to the additional cost of the complex motor controller necessary to operate these motors. Also, controller costs have been trending downward in recent years such that application of brushless dc motors is on rising and expected to grow.

    With the passage of time and new technology, it has become possible to reduce the brushes from DC motors. In a BLDC motor, permanent magnets are put on the rotor that moves around the stator. A controller/sensor is used to charge the stator coils as the shaft turns. BLDC motors are customized to meet customer’s special requirements. Using cutting-edge materials and sensorless technology, these motors provide high performance with features and solution for an individual as well as industrial applications.Electric rickshaws are recently becoming more popular in India since 2008 as an alternative to auto rickshaws and pulled rickshaw because of their low fuel cost, and less human effort compared to pulled rickshaws.

    These are being widely accepted as an alternative to auto rickshaws. wheels pulled by an electric motor ranging from 650-1400 Watts. These are being widely used in India, but those are being mostly manufactured in China, only a few other countries manufacture these vehicles.Maxon motor is one of the leading players operated in India for brushless DC motor, they develop and build electric drives that pack some real power. Maxon’s DC motors are leading the industry worldwide.

    They are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises: maxon motors drive NASA’s Mars rovers. They are established in high-precision industrial applications, race cars.By Geography, Asia Pacific acquired the largest market share growth by North America due to increasing demand for consumer electronics and automotive product in China, India, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan during the forecast period. India is being one from the rapidly developed country.

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