Five tips to make your vacuum last longer

  • Date:2019-11-04
  • Vacuums, the appliances in charge of removing dust, crumbs Vacuum Cleaner Motors and pet hair from our homes, need more cleaning than just about any other household appliance.Every standard vacuum has at least one filter that will need regular cleaning or replacement; make yourself familiar with any filters before you use the machine.

    You need to keep the path free so air flows freely, as that is what creates the suction of a vacuum,” Dorman says. Clean filters will prevent dust and dirt from entering the motor, and some vacuum models have filters on the exhaust, ensuring that dust does not reenter a room, he says. Some filters can be washed, but make sure they are fully dry before re-installing.Most vacuum bags have a line on them that tells you to replace them when the dirt hits it, Dorman says. If you go above that line, the loss of suction will cut your cleaning production. Although some machines have a sensor that tells you when to empty a bag, don’t wait until you see the indicator light up. “Usually the rule is to change it when it is half full.

    It keeps vacuum suction power at full performance,” says Mike Morris, vice president of Brothers Sew & Vac, a Washington-area chain that sells and repairs vacuums. Whether you buy a cheap vacuum every year or you’ve invested in a higher-quality machine, you need to add “clean the vacuum” to your list of regular chores, ideally every week or two.Proper maintenance will pay off with better performance and give the vacuum a longer life span. How much longer? Experts say that depends on frequency of usage, how many people and pets are in your household, and what brand and model you’ve chosen. If your machine is not maintained, the bad news is it probably won’t last more than two years. With proper maintenance, you could get four to 10 years, or even more, says Craig Dorman, Vacuum Dealers Trade Association marketing director.

    Routine maintenance issues are most commonly the reason an iRobot vacuum may not run properly, according to Ken Bazydola, director of product management at iRobot, which designs and builds robots including Roomba. Bazydola says the newer models have apps that will alert you when it’s time to empty the bin, clean the brushes or wipe off the sensors. The Roomba i7+ even has an automatic dirt disposal system that empties and holds up to 30 bins of dirt on its own.As always, study your owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with your particular vacuum’s moving parts. There are also videos online to show you how to properly care for your machine. Consider an annual professional tuneup and cleaning, especially if you’ve invested in a more expensive model.