How the motor works in the washing machine

  • Date:2019-12-10
  • The capacitor connected to the motor is Vacuum Cleaner Motors switched by which winding of the motor to change the magnetic field sequence to accessories motor suppliersachieve positive and negative rotation. The high speed and low speed are used to control the speed of the motor to control the speed of the motor.

    Motor wholesale semi-automatic washing motor in more than 40 yuan dry motor in more than 30 yuan are copper, aluminum is cheaper, fully automatic washing and drying are always the motor pricemachine wash motors Washing of about 80 yuan. The price of the control board is around 200 fact, the wiring is relatively simple, the capacitor; there are four lines, two are washing, two are dehydrated, the capacitor is marked, the two numbers are dehydrated, generally 4-5UF.the capacitor line does not distinguish between positive machine.

    Wash Motors Suppliersand negative, then the power line; there are 3 lines, a double color line is the ground line does not have to pay attention to, the remaining two can also be divided into positive and negative. The rest is the motor; the motor has 3 wires and one is the common wire, the main wire, and the negative wire.the motor has a logo as long as you can find the public line then you can pick up. the wiring is as follows: the motor is connected to the power supply with a common bus.

    The main line of the motor is connected to the other of the power supply and one of the two capacitors. The remaining one of the two wires of the motor is connected. Yes, if the motor main line and the auxiliary line are connected incorrectly, the motor will reverse, causing the brake to malfunction. Then it is better to exchange the two wires of the motor.