Innovations in motor drives

  • Date:2019-12-18
  • We have managed to design a batch-produced, high-efficiency high-power Vacuum Cleaner Motors Manufacturers motor without the use of rare or strategic materials. We achieved this by having a good knowledge of the system comprising the motor and the control electronics, without which the motor would not function.

    Thus on the basis of our many years of experience with standard materials and existing technologies, we have developed a totally new motor design which is at the same time very compatible with control electronics. This leads to very high efficiency of the entire system. Using this motor also increases the efficiency of the control electronics.The confirmation of the success of the innovation are completed projects for cooling servers at state-of-the-art data centres belonging to the world’s leading software companies.

    To give you a feeling for their scope of application, 1700 Domel 11-kilowatt motors are installed at just one data centre.Domel’s new motors are an excellent example of efficient use of electricity and raw materials, and for this reason are the most economic alternative to inefficient induction motors, whose use is being increasingly restricted by energy laws.

    The Management Board of the Managers' Association of Slovenia recognised Dr Jožica Rejec for her life's work in the field of management, and stated that the company she managed developed into a successful and globally competitive enterprise that earned a great deal of respect under her leadership. She has handed over a modern and sound company with numerous opportunities for growth and development to the new President of the Management Board。