Your guide to choosing vacuum cleaners

  • Date:2019-12-26
  • Times have changed. Five years ago, I would have an apologetic few Vacuum Cleaner Motors paragraphs limping in at the end of this feature covering battery-powered vacuum cleaners.Losing the tether we previously crocheted around every table leg has been a freeing experience, and the performance and running times have brought cordless vacuums right to the front of the market.

    Powerful, digital cordless machines are promoted with air watts (AW) which refers to the power of the actual suction, and voltage  referring to the storage power of the battery 40v would be impressive.If you have a photovoltaic system on your roof in the future, it’s nice to know that running your cordless vacuum even after dark could be completely free with a battery juiced up by the array.The weight and action of the machine, the battery life on a single run, the ease of filter changes/cleaning, recharging times and the performance of the bin.A machine with multiple heads will allow you to wave the wand up the walls, clean the car as a detachable hand-held, and take a run over soft furnishings.

    Trawl real user reviews for the machine you are considering.Dusty laminate is not a filthy carpet, and cordless machines are not created equal. Even price is not a good predictor of performance.The latest cordless Dyson machines remain violently expensive and for some buyers over-engineered for the job.Dyson promised no loss of suction with the cyclone technology launched in 1993, and the cordless Dyson is fade free to the last AW.This year, following a passionate legal battle headed by Sir James, the Energy Label on vacuum cleaners has been annulled.

    This is a bit confusing when shopping for a machine — but the messaging is that the label did not adequately reflect real performance.There will be some idea of power in the kWh per annum for a corded vacuum would be typical, but you might even have to dig for a watt count.Machines over 900w new or with an engine sound greater than 80db, were blown away by an EU Ecodesign requirements introduced in 2017. The energy saved on vacuum cleaning in the EU by the new directive could power Belgium’s households for a year.The popular Henry, for example, had the smile knocked off his little face, and now offers a comparably feeble 620w to his previous 1200w. From €130 to €250 for the Henry Allergy HVA. The final indignity is Henry’s cordless version at €250, which has very mixed reviews.