How to change the filter and clean the condenser coil

  • Date:2020-01-07
  • Being able to maintain your air conditioner system yourself Vacuum Cleaner DRY Motors can save you a lot of money in the long run.You’ll be able to minimize how often you need to call a professional to replace full parts of the system if you’re regularly checking on the basics yourself. You’ll also be able to save on having someone else come and do some of the more simple tasks you can learn to do yourself.The number one issue that air conditioning has that will reduce its efficiency and could lead to it breaking is dirty filters. Air conditioners have filters as a part of the airflow system that removes any dust or debris from the air.

    This, in turn, increases the quality of the air being pumped around your house. As the air is filtered, the filters will slowly gather dust, and if left unchanged, less air will be able to get through them over time.This will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning in general as less air can flow through the ducts. In turn, you’ll be spending more in power to keep the same amount of air cooled. To keep the efficiency of your air conditioner at its best, it’s recommended that you check and change them at least every six months.Start by locating the filters, which are usually found around the registers at the ceiling of each where the cool air is delivered.

    Before you do anything, make sure that the power has been turned off and that you avoid any of the electrics. Unlatch the cover of the register and open the door. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see the filter, which can be removed and thrown away if they are disposable. Take this opportunity to clean the grille before you install a new filter. With this done, take your new filter and install, making sure to follow the specific instructions for your filter.You can get filters for most systems from aclube or a similar supplier. There will often be arrows to show you which way to place it. Once you’ve inserted the new filter, you can attach the grille back on to the register. A great tip is to add the date you replaced the filter directly on the filter. This will help you keep track of how long it has been and when you need to install a new one.

    After the filters, the condenser coils on your air conditioning unit are one of the most important parts to maintain. Cleaning the conditioning coils will help maintain the efficiency of your system and minimize the costs to power it.Depending on where you live, it’s recommended that you clean your condenser coils at least once a year. If you live somewhere with a lot of flowers or trees with pollen, then two to three times a year may be needed. The main culprit you need to look out for in your condenser is dandelions and other similar cotton flowering plants.