Tips for choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner

  • Date:2020-04-03
  • There are Vacuum Cleaner Motors various different makers of cordless vacuum cleaners today. These vacuum cleaners are all made light in weight and are highly versatile. Many models will only weigh approximately five pounds. A cordless vacuum cleaner can be used in just about any home. They work wonderful on wooden floors, indoor/outdoor carpets and stairs.

    They also work wonderfully on different types of furniture. A handheld cordless vacuum cleaner can even work great on counter tops to clean spills. Many makers of cordless vacuum cleaners will make their models in a bagless form. A plastic container catches everything that the vacuum sucks up and can be easily removed and emptied. Even in bagless form plenty of these vacuum cleaners will have a filtration system built in.

    These HEPA filters keep dust from escaping the vacuum and this helps to get rid of dust that can cause allergies and asthma conditions. Some options that many manufacturers of cordless vacuum cleaners will have included in their products are on-board tools, wall mountable chargers and extendable handles. There are also some cordless vacuums that can be converted to a handheld vacuum. These handheld models are especially suitable for cars and for a quick clean up of many types of dry spills.

    There are some models of the handheld vacuum cleaners that allow the user to clean up wet and dry messes. The cordless vacuums are not made for big, everyday jobs. The motors on the majority of models are rather small. There are some vacuums that will offer up to 200 watts of cleaning power, however, with the higher wattage motors the lower the battery life will be. Cordless vacuums can come equipped with a 6 volt rechargeable battery that can last up to 20 minutes in continuous use. Some models of these types of vacuums have a shorter charging time to make up for the short usage time.