Wet and dry vacuum cleaners used in modern industry

  • Date:2020-04-13
  • Some domestic industrial vacuum cleaners are different from ordinary household industrial vacuum cleaners. Such vacuum cleaners are called industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner can combine the functions of water absorption, dust, rust, particles, paper dust, etc., so it is also different from ordinary industrial vacuum cleaners. So what about wet and dry vacuum cleaners for domestic industry? Dry and wet vacuum cleaners are often used in industrial areas in heavy industry, wood products processing plants, paper mills, floor processing plants, warehouses, etc. This occasion is generally afraid of water and pollution, so it will be equipped with dry and wet vacuum cleaners instead of a single ordinary vacuum cleaner.

    Ordinary vacuum cleaners generally have only two buttons for on and off, and wet and dry vacuum cleaners are equipped with multiple ones, which require the operator to adjust the gear when using different suction materials. The wet and dry vacuum cleaners on the domestic market are generally like this: if the dust is sucked, it will be adjusted to 1 level, and the vacuum, water, grease, pebbles, etc. will be adjusted to 2 levels, and the metal or heavy volume will generally be adjusted to the last level. That is to say, the third gear draws a conclusion based on the statistics of domestic wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Industrial vacuum cleaners mainly separate solids and air through filter media. The common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market generally have one or two filters. The heavy filter element filter type, the dry type is a double filter system through the filter element and the filter bag, the general filter accuracy of the filter element is about 10 microns.

    Check whether the motor plug of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is plugged in and stable, otherwise the motor will fluctuate after being energized, resulting in insufficient suction, and it will affect the service life of the motor; the wet and dry vacuum cleaner flexibly controls the motor when vacuuming or absorbing water, such as a dual motor If only one motor is needed to achieve the purpose, there is no need to start another motor. For large-area cleaning, it is necessary to use a machine with more than two motors to work cyclically. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner works in a working environment with foam or foam. The defoamer must be put in the bucket to eliminate the foam. The foam cannot be allowed to enter the motor with a strong airflow.

    The power connection cannot be too long during the use of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, and the power cord cannot be lengthened privately. The wire diameter cannot be less than the requirements of the machine At the same time, the power cord Vacuum Cleaner DRY-WET Motors cannot be circulated in a circle to generate a magnetic field, resulting in insufficient voltage for the machine; pay attention to the noise of the motor of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. If the motor noise is deep and sudden, you need to check the connection pipes or the capacity is full. Clean up objects in pipes or barrels; when wet and dry vacuum cleaners suck in liquid objects and need to be cleaned, The head taken apart, the machine can not be placed upside down to ensure that the liquid does not enter the motor, and ensure that there can be no corrosive substances into the motor to avoid damage. At present, in the presence of waste materials such as water and dust, the use of dry and wet vacuum cleaners in domestic industrial sites is the only option, but in the future, I believe that there will be better cleaning equipment put into use in the industrial field to replace this Cleaning equipment.