How to install the sound insulation device of the vacuum cleaner motor cavity

  • Date:2020-05-25
  • According Vacuum Cleaner Motors to the working principle of the electric vacuum cleaner, it uses a high-speed rotation of the motor to drive the impeller to rotate at a high speed, so that a partial vacuum is formed in the dust collection chamber. When the pressure difference between the indoor and outdoor is increased to a certain degree, the dust is sucked into the dust bag along with the airflow.

    Filtration keeps the dust separated and stored in the dust bag. Finally, the filtered clean air is discharged. Because the high-speed gas generated by the impeller generates a strong aerodynamic noise during the flow process, the high-speed clean air discharged at the same time is due to the surrounding airflow. Separation causes pressure changes, and the vibration of the motor itself and other reasons will produce noise. In order to improve the comfort of the vacuum cleaner, various measures must be taken to reduce the noise provides a muffler tube arranged on the baffle. The channel in the muffler tube penetrates the baffle to form an exhaust channel.

    This structure has less resistance to airflow, but it can It can effectively reduce the noise of the outflowing gas, and can be widely used in noise reduction and muffler of various household or commercial vacuum cleaners, but the production and installation of the muffler tube is more troublesome.The technical problem to be solved by the present utility model is to provide a vacuum cleaner motor cavity sound insulation device, which does not occupy the effective space of the motor cavity, and has a compact and simple structure, easy production, low production cost, and easy installation, and will not cause poor ventilation. Reducing the efficiency of vacuuming can reduce the noise.

    The technical solution adopted by the utility model to solve the above-mentioned problems is that the sound insulation device of the vacuum cleaner motor cavity includes the connection between the motor cavity and the bottom plate, the seal ring seat and the base, and the motor cavity and the base pass through the mounting column A and the mounting column B on it Connected with screws to form an integral motor cavity. The motor cavity is equipped with a motor assembly and a sound insulation device. The sound insulation cotton is closely attached to the motor cavity and the bottom wall and the inner wall of the sealing ring seat. The surface of the sound insulation cotton is a plane block, b uneven surface. Compared with the prior art, the advantage of the present invention is that the structure of the sound insulation device is simple. Only sound-absorbing materials are used to paste the sound insulation cotton on the inner wall of the motor cavity and the bottom plate. It is easy to manufacture and install, and the production cost is low, but it can It plays the role of noise reduction, reducing noise by,but it will not cause greater resistance to airflow, so it will not affect other performances of the vacuum cleaner.