Do you know the maintenance method of the motor

  • Date:2020-06-08
  • The motor reducer is one Vacuum Cleaner DRY Motors of the main power equipment for industrial and agricultural production, and sometimes the phenomenon of burn-in of the gear reducer motor in production may also occur. In order to avoid burn-in of the gear reduction motor during operation, in addition to the necessary protective measures, the following six small methods are also effective. The first move: be diligent in observation, listen carefully, and immediately stop if you smell something. Observe whether the motor reducer has vibration, noise and abnormal smell. During the operation of the motor reducer, especially the high-power motor reducer, it is often necessary to check whether the anchor bolts, the end cover of the motor reducer, and the bearing gland are loose, and whether the grounding device is reliable.

    If it is found that the vibration of the motor reducer is increased, the noise is increased and there is an odor, it must be stopped as soon as possible to find out the cause and eliminate the fault. The second measure: keep the motor reducer clean. During the operation of the motor reducer, if dust, water stains and other debris enter into it, a short-circuit medium may be formed, which may damage the wire insulation layer, cause a short-circuit between turns, increase the current, and increase the temperature to burn the motor reducer. Therefore, dust, water stains and other debris should be prevented from entering the motor reducer. At the same time, the outside of the motor reducer should be cleaned frequently. Do not let dust and other debris in the radiating ribs of the motor reducer to ensure that the motor decelerates The heat dissipation of the machine is good. The third measure: to regularly check and repair the control equipment of the geared motor to ensure its normal operation.

    The technical condition of the motor reducer control equipment plays a decisive role in the normal start of the motor reducer. Therefore, the control equipment of the motor reducer should be located in a dry, ventilated and easy-to-operate position, and regularly remove dust. Always check whether the contactor contacts, coil core, wiring screws, etc. are reliable, and whether the mechanical parts are flexible, so that they maintain a good technical state, so as to ensure that the motor reducer works smoothly without being burned. The fourth measure: to keep the working current of the gear reducer not too large. The motor reducer will cause overload operation of the motor reducer due to excessive load, low voltage or stuck mechanical drive. Therefore, when the motor reducer is in operation, it is necessary to always check whether the operation of the transmission device is flexible and reliable; whether the concentricity of the coupling is standard; the flexibility of the gear transmission, etc. If there is a stuck phenomenon, it should be stopped immediately to eliminate the fault Run again.

    Fifth measure: Always check whether the three-phase current of the motor reducer is balanced. The three-phase current of the gear reducer is not allowed to exceed 10% of the average value of the other two-phase currents, so as to ensure the safe operation of the motor reducer. If it exceeds, it indicates that the motor reducer is faulty, and the cause should be found out and the fault is removed before running. Sixth measure: Always check whether the temperature and temperature rise of the gear reducer during operation are too high. Always check whether the bearing of the motor reducer is overheated or lack of oil. If the temperature rise near the bearing is found to be too high, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. Whether there are cracks, scratches or defects on the rolling elements and raceway surface of the bearing, whether the bearing clearance is too large, and whether the inner ring rotates on the shaft. If the above phenomenon occurs, the bearing must be updated.