Tips for maintaining vacuum cleaners

  • Date:2020-05-06
  • Do you ever wonder why your Vacuum Cleaner Motors vacuum cleaner just isn’t working like it should? Maybe the suction isn’t as strong as it used to be, or the beater bar doesn’t seem to brush through your carpeting as it should. Here are five simple tips for keeping your vacuum cleaner in good working order.If the filter is made of foam, you should be able to rinse the filter with clean water. Check washable filters regularly and wash them if needed, or at least every 6 months.

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    Make sure the filter is completely dry before reinstalling ita wet filter restricts air flow, causing loss of suction.You can't wash a paper filter, but can extend it's useful life by shaking loose dust and dirt from it. If you have a HEPA filter, check the instructions in your vacuum's owner's manual. You might need to replace the HEPA filter in your vacuum when the entire surface area of the filter is covered evenly with dirt. Whatever kind of vacuum filter you have, replace it if it’s worn, damaged or clogged. You can look for vacuum filters here.You can tell how much dirt is in the bag by feeling it with your hand. If the bag seems half full, it’s time to change it.Never reuse a bag.Always change the bag after vacuuming carpet cleaners, fresheners, powders, soot, plaster and fine dust.

    These products clog the bag, reduce airflow and can cause the bag to burst. Failure to change the bag could cause permanent damage to the vacuum cleaner.For optimal suction and to prevent damage, check your vacuum's beater bar weekly if you use the vacuum daily, or every months if you use it once a week. If hair or debris has collected in called the agitator or brush roller remove it with your fingers, or use a scissors if hair is wound tightly. Check the end caps of the beater bar for hair and debris as well.Clean and lubricate the bearings in end caps as needed. If the bearings or brushes are worn out, replace them.If you use a floor nozzle designed for hard floors, check the nozzle opening for trapped dirt and debris. Clean the nozzle opening with a soft cloth to remove any built-up dirt that could potentially scratch your hardwood floors.

    An upright vacuum cleaner contains the motor and the suction head together in one unit. An upright vacuum uses a powered brush roll that combs through carpeting to loosen embedded dirt, making it ideal for carpeted areas.A canister vacuum has multiple pieces: a compact wheeled canister that houses the motor, a hose with a rigid nozzle and a suction head.A canister vacuum is ideal for hard floors, which don’t need a powered brush.In general, an upright is heavier, making it difficult to carry and use on stairs. The larger size of the suction head makes it difficult to vacuum under furniture and around tight corners. An upright vacuum cleaner can’t clean other surfaces in your home unless you choose a model with attachments.While the versatility of a canister vacuum is great, it can be inconvenient to keep changing the nozzle attachment for different surfaces. It can also feel awkward to pull the canister behind you while using the hose in front.