Zhoushan Chenguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. report on fulfilling social responsibility in 2019

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    Zhoushan Chenguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

    2019 Annual fulfill report social responsibility







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    The board of directors and all directors of the company guarantee that there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions in the contents of this report, and bear individual and joint responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the contents.



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    " Zhoushan dawn Electric Co., Ltd. 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report" summarizes and reflects the 2019 annual Zhoushan dawn Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Company " or " boat-rich food " ) at the same time production and management, and promote sustainable economic development, society can The implementation of social responsibility in terms of sustainable development and environmental and ecological sustainable development.


    Report Time: 2019 Year 1 Yue 1 Ri -2019 on 12 Yue 31 days.

    Report data description: the data source company involved in the report, the data is true and valid

    Report Scope: This report Organization for the Zhoushan dawn Electric Co., Ltd .

    Release form : This report is available in paper and electronic versions, please obtain it from the company office.

    table of Contents


    1. Company Profile 1

    (1) Basic situation of the company 1

    (2) Corporate governance structure 1

    (3) Operating status in 2019 2

    2. The company's understanding of social responsibility 2

    3. Social responsibility fulfilled in promoting sustainable economic development 3

    (1) Improve corporate governance and operate in compliance with laws and regulations 3

    (2) Tax payment in good faith according to law 3

    (3) Building a harmonious relationship between related parties 3

    (4) Provide customers with high-quality products and services 5

    4. Social responsibility fulfilled in promoting the sustainable development of society 5

    (1) Protecting the rights and interests of shareholders 5

    (2) Strengthen employee training 6

    (3) In-depth understanding of employee needs and provide employee satisfaction 7

    (4) Strengthen production safety 8

    (5) Actively participate in public welfare 9

    Five, company honor 10

    VI. 2019 Outlook 10










    1. Company Overview

    (1) Basic situation of the company

    Zhoushan Chenguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is located at No. 9 Chenguang Road , Industrial Economic Development Zone, Gaoting Town, Daishan County . Its business scope covers the production and sales of electrical appliances and accessories, hardware and plastic products, etc. In 2007 , the company acquired 13,320m 2 of land , built industrial plants in two phases to implement production, and implemented a production project with an annual output of 3 million sets of vacuum cleaner motors . In 2011 , it supplemented the environmental assessment procedures and passed the environmental protection approval. The approval number is: Daihuan Construction Approval [ 2011] No. 51 . In the same year, the project passed the environmental protection acceptance monitoring (Daihuanjian ( 2011 ) Junzi No. 012 ). In 2015 , in order to support the existing production content, the company invested another 18 million yuan to build a new production plant and implement an annual output of 3 million sets of vacuum cleaner motor casings . The approval number is: Daihuan Jianshen [2015] No.50 . The project was officially completed and put into production in 2018 , and passed the environmental protection acceptance in January 2019 (Daihuan Jianyan [2019] No. 3 ).

    In May 2019 , the enterprise was approved by Daishan County Economic and Information Technology Bureau to carry out the " Intelligent Technical Transformation Project for Brushless DC Motor Workshop " (hereinafter referred to as " Technical Transformation Project " ). The project invests 28 million yuan, and the main purpose is to transform the existing project's paint dripping production line, increase automated production equipment and environmental protection facilities, and add 7 motor assembly production lines. After the technical transformation, the whole factory can produce 8 million vacuum cleaner motors , of which 50% need to be insulated by dripping paint. The project is currently in the filing stage.

    On this basis, the company decided to invest 57 million yuan again to build a five- story factory building, introduce two motor production lines and supporting production equipment, and set up the " Chenguang Electric Motor New Motor Production Workshop Project " with an annual output of 7 million DC motors. station. After the implementation of the project, the production scale of the company's entire plant will be 8 million vacuum cleaner motors and 7 million DC motors per year.

    Chenguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has grown from more than 10 employees to more than 300 employees, with an annual output value of 280 million yuan, a registered capital of 8 million yuan, and fixed assets of 50 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in various vacuum cleaner motors. Has become the vanguard and leader of the city's electrical machinery industry. For more than ten years, the company has been awarded " Key County Key Enterprise " and "AAA Credit Enterprise " by the county government .

    (2) Corporate governance structure

    The company implements the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, and has established a corporate governance system that includes checks and balances between the shareholders meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management team. At the same time, it retains the employee representative assembly system and participates in the activities of the company's management and employee welfare system. The company is mainly responsible for the management functions of product manufacturing, operation, technology, procurement and export marketing. Each functional department is mainly responsible for service support and management such as company strategy, resources, personnel, finance, and supervision and management mechanisms. The company’s party, youth league , and trade union organizations are sound, which have played an active role in enhancing the company’s cohesion and centripetal force, promoting the company’s two civilizations, and promoting production and operation.

    (3) Operating status in 2019

    In 2019 , the company achieved sales revenue of 280 million yuan and paid tax of 3.21 million yuan.

    2. The company's understanding of social responsibility

    The company's social responsibility concept is part of the company's management system, and its value is also reflected in the service concept, manufacturing concept, craftsman concept, brand concept, environmental protection concept, caring for employees, and social responsibility. The company always believes that while operating for a long time, being responsible for the interests of shareholders and maximizing profits, the company must also assume responsibility for stakeholders and the entire society in order to achieve a coordinated relationship between the company and the sustainable development of the economy and society. Seriously fulfilling social responsibility is not only the only way for the company to enhance its own value and truly realize the leap to a modern enterprise, but also to implement the people-oriented scientific development concept and build a socialist harmonious society.

    The company takes " intelligent manufacturing, leading the future " as its mission. The company takes the promotion of the harmonious development of the society as its mission. Through the implementation of the scientific development concept, the concept of sustainable development and building a harmonious society is effectively integrated into the corporate culture to better meet customer requirements and bring more returns to stakeholders. In practice, the company continuously pursues the harmonious development of the company and employees, society and nature, pays attention to energy conservation and environmental protection in the production process, while protecting the living environment to the greatest extent, repaying the society with practical actions, protecting the environment, caring for nature, and creating a harmonious Develop the environment and fulfill social responsibilities.

    The company's social responsibility concept: the company must create profits, care about and value the safety and health of employees, assume responsibility for stakeholders, assume responsibility for resources and ecological environment, observe humanistic ethics and morals, and enthusiastically support public welfare undertakings.

    The company's core values: trust, loyalty, struggle and dedication.

    The spirit of the company: openness, cooperation, dedication and innovation.

    The company's purpose: to build a human-oriented philosophy, to create a century-old enterprise.

    The company's environmental protection policy: compliance with laws and regulations , energy saving and consumption reduction, pollution prevention, continuous improvement, and production of high-quality environmentally friendly products.

    3. Social responsibility fulfilled in promoting sustainable economic development

    (1) Improve corporate governance and operate in compliance with laws and regulations

    Since its establishment, the company has continuously improved its corporate governance structure, established a sound internal system, and made clear provisions for directors, management, and employees to implement laws, administrative regulations, and fulfill their obligations of integrity and diligence. Pay taxes, be honest and fulfill legal and moral responsibilities.

    At the same time, in accordance with laws and regulations and the requirements of related parties, the company has established and improved systems for information disclosure, internal control, asset management, cost accounting standards, and financial report management. It has further improved the company’s management system and improved the level of standardized operations. Legal and compliant operations provide institutional guarantees.

     (2) Pay taxes in good faith according to law

    Paying taxes in accordance with the law is an obligation of an enterprise, and it is also a concrete manifestation of an enterprise's social responsibility. While taxation guarantees the sustained and healthy growth of the national finance, it also has a positive guiding role in accelerating the transformation of the economic development mode, the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the practice of a low-carbon economy. As a leading company in the industry, the company is not only a leading company in the local economy, but also a major taxpayer.

    With the continuous expansion of the company's business and the continuous improvement of profitability, the tax revenue created by the company for the country cannot be underestimated. In 2019 , the company paid 5.75 million yuan in tax revenue, making a positive contribution to the development of national taxation and local economy.

    (3) Building a harmonious relationship between related parties

    1. Customers : communicate and communicate by participating in various supporting meetings, mutual visits between senior leaders, exchanges of professional and technical personnel, and information feedback among salespersons; in daily work, use telephone, e-mail, Internet, and letters Wait , listen to opinions and needs.

    In order to ensure timely delivery of company information to customers, let customers understand the company, and at the same time allow customers to receive timely delivery, timely processing, feedback, etc., the company’s marketing department has set up a regional manager, who is solely responsible for customer information processing and feedback; the company has established "Customer Complaint Handling Process", "Customer Satisfaction Survey System", etc., provide institutional guarantees for the company's product quality improvement and service enhancement.

    It has been awarded the title of Top Ten Excellent Suppliers by BAIC Group Changhe Automobile.

    2. Suppliers: share development results with key suppliers and distributors, establish, consolidate and develop good cooperative relations with suppliers and distributors with stable and reliable quality, competitive cost, and timely service, and help those with a certain foundation Suppliers enhance their supply capabilities, select and cultivate excellent suppliers and distributors with business management concepts, technical capabilities, quality, price, and service, so as to gain mutual trust and support. While the company gains benefits, it also enables the other party to gain Benefits make suppliers and distributors truly become partners of the company.

    On the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation, the company has established a multi-channel and multi-way two-way communication mechanism with suppliers and customers. By compiling and sending supplier management manuals and holding supplier conferences, Jinfei's business philosophy and development information are transmitted.

    3. Employees: The company establishes labor unions and usual internal communication channels, such as the president’s reception day, to collect opinions and suggestions from employees, and conduct regular internal customer (ie, employee) satisfaction surveys. In order to ensure the welfare, rights and safety of employees, full coverage of safety training is implemented, and three-level safety inspection regulations have been established to provide a healthy and safe working environment. Guide employees to participate in company operations and management through multiple channels, improve the vocational training system, and provide training opportunities for employees at all levels. Employee incentive management (annual advanced employee appraisal system, employee innovation reward method, internal rating of technical work types, etc.) tap the potential of employees and mobilize their enthusiasm. The company has built a library, cultural and sports center, basketball hall, Jinfei News, Jinfei Voice, May Cultural Festival and other cultural and entertainment projects to enrich employees' cultural and entertainment activities

    4. Investors: Steadily improve economic efficiency, ensure asset value preservation and appreciation, and carefully listen to investor feedback, respond in time, improve corporate governance, and protect the rights and interests of small and medium investors.

    5. Same industry : Actively participate in industry associations, promote the orderly development of the industry, and actively cooperate with colleagues to prevent unfair business competition.

    6. Other related parties : abide by the laws, regulations and policies of the place where the business is located, operate legally, pay taxes in accordance with the law, strengthen safety management, and accept regulatory assessment. Continue to develop the enterprise steadily, in order to attract employment and cultivate talents. Actively participate in public affairs, and develop together with the local economy and society to understand the needs and hidden dangers of the public. Maintain active communication with the community and actively respond to reasonable requests from the community. Carry out various forms of community charity activities to encourage employees to give back to the society through voluntary services.

    (4) Provide customers with high-quality products and services

    The company has always adhered to the quality policy of " pursuing zero defects in products, optimizing services and creating brands " , taking stabilizing and improving product quality as the goal of all employees, and gradually forming a quality control cycle system through long-term practice: mastering customer needs, teamwork design , Standardized manufacturing, improved monitoring and analysis, prevention and reduction of risks, proper sales and delivery, technical support services, and improved customer satisfaction.

    In 2019 , the customer satisfaction survey score increased by 2.0 points compared with the previous year , which is also the affirmation of the quality of the company's products and services by customers.

    4. Social responsibility fulfilled in promoting the sustainable development of society

    (1) Protecting the rights and interests of shareholders

    Since its establishment, the company has strictly followed the "Company Law", "Articles of Association" and other relevant laws, regulations and rules and regulations, standardized operations, continuously improved the corporate governance structure, treated all shareholders fairly, and ensured that shareholders fully enjoyed the laws, regulations and rules. All rights and interests stipulated. The company formulated and improved the "Articles of Association", "Rules of Procedures for the General Meeting of Shareholders", "Rules of Procedures for the Board of Directors", "Rules of Procedures for the Board of Supervisors", "Independent Directors System", "Investor Relations Management System", "Fund Use and Management Measures" , "Supplier Management Measures", "Procurement Control Procedures", "Work Safety Control Procedures", "Product Quality Advanced Planning Control Procedures", "Internal and External Satisfaction Control Procedures", "Employee Complaints Management Measures" and other regulations, The company’s board of directors and board of supervisors operate in a standardized and effective manner, fully safeguarding the interests of shareholders, employees and customers.

    The company aims to maximize the interests of shareholders, pursues excellent operational performance, and allows shareholders to fully share the company's good operating results.

    Under the severe economic situation in 2019 , the company continued to strengthen structural adjustments, highlighting resource integration; strengthening technological innovation, highlighting energy conservation and emission reduction; strengthening marketing, highlighting global layout; strengthening team building, highlighting cultural leadership. The company unified thinking, recognized the direction, seized opportunities, highlighted key points, and achieved excellent performance .

    (2) Strengthen employee training

    The company established a staff training management system, improve three training network, establish and improve the "training management system", "internal lecturer hiring management", "new employees (job transfer) Employee Orientation Program" and 11 training management system, Ensure the effective implementation of the four links of training requirements, training plans, training implementation, and effect evaluation, create a platform for the improvement of employees' professional ability, and ensure the realization of the company's development strategy goals.

    Table 1 : Training needs to determine the work process and training content and methods

    Training category

    training content

    Training method

    Training effect evaluation

    Training implementation summary and improvement

    Onboarding training for new employees

    Corporate culture, rules and regulations, professional ethics, production safety, quality awareness, product knowledge, operating skills, 6S knowledge

    In-house lecturers promote common knowledge;

    The knowledge and skills of the post from the master and apprentice

    1. Pass an exam or obtain a certificate to confirm that employees have passed the study assessment; 2. Issue a "Training Questionnaire" to listen to employee feedback; 3. Cooperate with various departments to track and evaluate training quality and work performance

    Based on the implementation of the annual training plan, the human resources department comprehensively evaluates the effectiveness and applicability of the education and training methods based on employee performance and employee satisfaction with training and feedback on various training effects, and implements improvement measures to continuously improve training effects

    On-the-job training for professional teams

    Professional knowledge and skills in leadership, R&D, marketing, financial management, etc.

    1. CD-ROM tutorials for mobile learning;   2. Hire professional lecturers for internal training; 3. Send staff to professional training institutions

    Vocational skill appraisal training for skilled workers

    The theoretical knowledge and operating skills of the corresponding type of work

    1. Send employees to professional training institutions; 2. Jointly run schools with technical schools

    On-the-job training for special operators

    Theoretical knowledge and operating skills of special types of work

    Send employees to professional training institutions

    Senior management

    Leadership, execution, management thinking, management innovation, strategic decision / management, communication, detail management, business management, etc.

    CD-ROM tutorial for mobile learning;   2. Hire professional lecturers for internal training; 3. Send staff to professional training institutions; 4. Visit and exchange; 5. Further education

    Figure 2 : Workflow for determining training requirements

    Picture 1.png 

    (3) In-depth understanding of employee needs and provide employee satisfaction

    1. Identify employee needs and determine the key factors affecting employee satisfaction:

    The company identifies and confirms the key factors affecting employee satisfaction through seminars, employee complaints, surveys of resigned employees, special discussions, and correlation analysis of satisfaction survey results, and regards them as the core content of satisfaction surveys.

    Table 2 : Key factors affecting different employee groups

    Employee type

    The key factor

    Possible impact

    New employees (within half a year)

    Work stability

    Work efficiency

    Junior talent

    working environment

    Healthy body

    operating hours

    Physical health, work mood

    Salary and benefits

    Work motivation


    Career Development

    Intermediate talent

    Work pressure

    loss of employees

    Training and development

    Career development, work attitude

    Senior talent



    2. Measure employee satisfaction and implement improvements

    ①Statistical analysis method: The human resource center regularly conducts statistics on employee absences, transfers, and attrition, and forms employee dynamic reports to reflect to the senior management to facilitate decision-making.

    Questionnaire survey method: The company designs questionnaires to conduct employee satisfaction surveys based on the key factors affecting employee satisfaction. The questionnaire survey is conducted once a year to form the company's annual employee satisfaction survey report. The human resources department analyzes and implements improvements based on the statistical results.

    Figure 3 : Questionnaire

    Picture 2.png     

    Picture 3.png

    (4) Strengthen production safety

    As a manufacturing enterprise, the company has a deep understanding of safe production guarantee work, and has always adhered to the concept of " safety is productivity " to ensure the safe operation of equipment, safe production, and safe dismissal of employees.

    In 2019 , the company continued to adhere to the working principle of safety first, prevention first, people-oriented, fulfilling responsibility, continuous improvement, and building a good corporate safety culture , with the implementation of the safety production responsibility system as the core, and fully implementing the safety production goals set at the beginning of the year Management policy, under the business guidance of relevant government functional departments, relying on the active participation and joint efforts of all units, comprehensively carry out safety production, fire safety, safety production education and training, special operation supervision, hazardous chemical monitoring, accident investigation, safety Safety production management work such as inspection and food safety.

    Create a safe production (labor protection) environment

    The company strictly implements the "Labor Law", "Safety Production Law" and "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, established OHSAS 18001 and ISO14000 management systems, formulated and improved the "Safety Production Target Management Responsibility Letter" and "Dangerous Work Approval System, "Work Injury Accident Handling Management System", "Safety Production Inspection Implementation Rules" and other systems to continuously improve the working environment of employees.

    Organize and carry out the identification of hazard sources, environmental factors and key locations, clarify measurement methods and indicators, and adopt a series of preventive measures: reform, update, and improve facilities, issue labor protection supplies, supervise labor protection, monitor occupational disease hazards, and regular occupational health checkups Wait.

    ( 2 ) Implement the safety production responsibility system and formulate emergency plans

    The company adheres to the policy of " safety first, prevention first, people-oriented, fulfilling responsibilities, continuous improvement, and building a good corporate safety culture " , perfecting the three-level safety production network organization, quantifying safety production assessment level by level, and comprehensively improving the level of safety production technology prevention. New technologies and new equipment have been widely used, and the accident rate has been significantly reduced, ensuring that there are no fatal accidents throughout the year and the incidence of occupational diseases is zero.

    ( 3 ) Actively promote project safety construction

    Sign the " Safety Production Responsibility Letter " in the subcontracting management, and allocate full-time safety supervision and management personnel and safety management for electricity, public security, special equipment, special operations personnel, construction personnel and equipment for hot and dangerous operations, and safety management organizations In terms of rules and regulations, conduct regular and irregular construction site inspections, order through on-site education to order rectification within a time limit, economic penalties, etc., to do a good job in the " three simultaneous " safety work for new, renovated, and expanded projects to ensure that the project does not work during construction. A major accident occurred.


    (5) Actively participate in public welfare

    Chenguang Electric has always regarded social welfare activities as an important part of corporate activities, and is committed to solving urgent problems in social development. Senior leaders and relevant departments conduct systematic planning of public welfare support, and determine the principles and priorities of public welfare support according to different development stages and strategic priorities of the enterprise, so as to be truly beneficial to society and enterprise development. Combining the mission, vision and values ​​of the company as well as the company's development strategy, the three key areas of public welfare support have been identified as education care, earthquake relief and poverty alleviation, and community support.


    Five , company honor

    The company has always attached great importance to corporate image building, and through continuous efforts, it has won wide recognition from all walks of life. The company also won a series of honors in 2019 :It was listed as a key industrial enterprise in Daishan County, an advanced collective of the county, a civilized unit of the county, and a leading fishery and agriculture enterprise in the city and county by the People's Government of Daishan County.


    Six , 20 20 Outlook for

    20 20 years manufacturing rapid economic growth on the year, in large industry competition, high raw material costs, new high energy costs, the company should continue to focus on the country " along the way " development opportunities, a clear development goals, strengthen development measures, To make every effort to do a good job in various operations, cadres at all levels should uphold the values ​​of " trust, loyalty, struggle, and dedication " , with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, with the goal of improving the overall overall strength of the company, and actively changing their thinking mode.

    Strengthen internal management, one mind, team work, the courage to challenge, in sharp aggressive, dare to innovate, to achieve the company 20 20 business objectives and the sustainable development of annual business and make due contributions.


    Company employees should take the realization of the company's business goals as the driving force, and work together in the new year to strive to achieve the company's goals .                                   


    Zhoushan Chenguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

    2020 Nian 3 Yue 2 Ri